Hello Everyone, this is my new site
where you can buy judetoo Cards and Prints
directly from me - Lesley Bruce - the Artist.

They are depictions of real horses and people,
who really do the daft things I draw
and I'm not kidding.

I live in France with beautiful 'Inspiring' Patina my 31 year old chestnut mare (you will meet her in the drawings, we have been together for 29 years) a rescue dog Eve who believes she is a cat because of the feral Cat-Pack Sphinx, Thug, Fairy, Spike and Little-Shit, who adopted us, they are not like house cats - Nooooo! no no - their claws are MUCH bigger and they can't tell the difference between clothes and skin.

And there's Mike the goat whose owner died so he came to live with us - good, thought I, he will eat the weeds - not a chance in Hell! - his eyes are fixed on my neighbours roses, anybody else's dinner, important papers, everything except weeds - Goats, curious creatures -

But Horses are amazing, delightful companions filling my life with joy, and mud, they've got me out my Oh so warm and snug bed (even before dawn dared to crack) just to drive endless miles in a raging storm, then to arrive at a godforsaken, sodden, windswept field perched on the side of a mountain, and there to do a five minute dressage test and be judged last - and what do I do? - I do it all again ... Hummm ... funny isn't it !

This is me 12 years old with my favourite  Thomas's Stables pony Sarge
I've been drawing ever since I can remember, was a horse mad tomboy in the fifties, here's a picture of me and my favourite pony Sarge from Thomas's Stables Colwyn Bay, it was taken by Ken Thomas in the bottom field next to the sandpit by the old laundry.

In my school rough books I scrawled horses from cover to cover, teachers were quite peeved at my scribbling during their lessons, but when it came time to leave school they asked if they could have those rough books, do they still have them? I hope so, all those pictures of Sarge.

Horse Sickness - some people are born with this and are Horse Slaves forever, there are no predisposing factors (my parents were hairdressers) and there's not one jot of a hope to escape. Even the day that dog bit my thumb off and it was sewn back on I mucked out, all these years later I'm still mucking out, every single day, NO, you never grow out of it ... SO! - Be Warned, should you venture near a horse be Careful, be very, very Careful Horse Sickness is contagious and causes cold wet muddy feet.


Now Jude was / is
my wonderful dog, she's in spirit now but insists on drawing herself in the pictures, look for her Jude's there too
She never left my side, always helping and understood more than me. sadly I don't have many photos of her, this one was taken when we lived in North Wales in 1975, there were NO digital photos then, it was film and cost a fortune to develop.

She burns bright in my heart better than any Photo, it's so good to be able to draw her.

Below is me
could win GOLD if mucking out was an Olympic Sport
and my family
Horse Patina, goat Mike, dog with cat Eve and Little Shit, cat-pack Spike, Thug, Sphinx, Fairy, Cyclops.